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Urgent, time-sensitive shipments that need to be at destination now?


Book Priority Cargo!


Our Priority Cargo service team understands the emphasis on time when it is urgent cargo to or from Saudi Arabia. When you opt for the priority cargo/ courier service, we will focus on working with our partners to getting your cargo to its final destination in the shortest time frame possible.


Partner relations nurtured over the last 40 years help us secure the required space on board the flights/ carriers of choice for you. A trusted network of service providers around the globe then, strives to ensure swift last mile delivery.


We believe in delivering impact through our priority cargo service. Highly valued client feedback validates the best impact is felt when we are together able to save lives, safeguard borders, reduce time to market or just do what we love doing, help you put a smile on a face!


For your “can’t wait import / export shipments”, i.e. urgent/ time-critical shipments, book on Alpha Cargo Services’ Priority Cargo/ Courier Service!


How does Priority Air Cargo/ Courier service differ from standard and saver air cargo?

The focus is on time. 

When you opt for the priority cargo service, we work to get your priority shipment, the right attention, i.e. preference over other shipments, to ensure your cargo flies to the destination. 

General delivery timeframes: 

  • Priority:      1 – 3 days guaranteed delivery of urgent shipments *
  • Standard:   3 – 4 days delivery, enabling cost vs time balance
  • Saver:          5 – 7 days – Group Consolidation Shipments


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