Food & Beverage logistics requires astute planning for you to actually put good food on the table thousands of miles away. 

We remain proud of having amonst us, personnel who managed the export of perishable produce from the first ever greenhouse built in Riyadh. We appreciated the opportunity to manage the landmark export project at a time when the market relied on imports for staple foods such as rice, fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Foods / Perishable Logistics Key Features

  • Temperature controlled supply chain 
  • Flexible pickups and just-in-time delivery schedules
  • Sophisticated equipment tracking
  • Understanding of store and vendor requirements
  • Validation of sourced products

We Keep Things Fresh

Our intent remains to ensure good food remains good food.

Our systems and industry knowledge allow us to engineer projects to exceed our customers’ expectations. By helping you reduce miles and time with partners who abide by the need to keep things fresh, you are guaranteed full visibility and assistance from partners if there arises the need for an intervention.

When you need to deliver the freshest food and beverage products across your chosen markets on a regular basis, partner with the experts who care for the lives you enrich with good quality produce!