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Air cargo guarantees your shipments reach your customers in the shortest time possible from factory to shop floor, especially when your markets of choice demand speed to outpace competition.

Alpha Cargo Services’ air cargo expertise provides the team with an unparalleled understanding of the challenges that businesses ranging from SMEs to global brands encounter when considering air freight. The privilege of calling on decades of air cargo experience coupled with excellent airline partners gives us the confidence to deliver the value you seek in balancing cost and time challenges when embracing air cargo solutions.

National flag carriers, regional low cost airlines (LCA) and/ or specialist charter freight operators are relied on, to deliver what you need. Our growing agency network of partners around the world are always eager to please by ensuring the last mile delivery requirements are swiftly taken care of!

Our current forays involve the launch of new value added air cargo services with major airlines from across the globe.


Air Cargo Solution Delivery Partners

The Air Cargo team at Alpha Cargo Services relishes opportunities to derive solutions when clients choose to share their supply chain concerns. The ethos is best described by the desire to continuously deliver value besides delivering air freight. 

Select achievements of the team:

*  Export the first ever greenhouse produce from Saudi Arabia in 1992

*  Coordination and export of relief cargo for victims of natural calamities across Asia and Africa

*  Certified Cargo Agent – JED – Saudi Arabia 

*  Facilitate regular valuables – luxury merchandise/ vehicles across Europe & Americas

*  Introduce the City Check-in service to enable partner airlines ensure on-time departures by providing baggage handling assistance.


Ardent agile methodology practitioners, we strive to continuously improve and bring more to the relationship than simply a means of transporting freight to your customers across the world.

 Air Cargo Service Timeframes:

  • Priority:      1 – 3 Days Guaranteed Delivery of urgent shipments *
  • Standard:   3 – 4 days Delivery, enabling cost vs time balance
  • Saver:          5 – 7 days – Group Consolidation Shipments


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