Personal Cargo

Personal Cargo - Gifts, Souvenirs, Personal Effects, Pets, Cars

Personal Cargo

Often referred to as Personal Effects in shipping terms, could be gifts/ souvenirs to friends and family, an entire home worth of goods and memories when you move countries based on life circumstances, when you could be taking pets along or even your personal car along on your holiday/ business trip. 

Gifts & Souvenirs

Personal-Cargo-Gifts-Dates-Coffee-Nuts-160x300Residents – citizens and expatriates, send gifts of dates, nuts, coffee, spices and souvenirs as cargo from the Middle East, books, toys and other items to friends and family across the GCC, Middle East, Asia, Europe and Americas.  Cargo is generally more economical than courier and better tracked than general post; offering you as the shipper, the opportunity to send more items at a lower cost. Families appreciate the lower rate per kilogram as the weight increases. 

With carefully selected partners across Europe, Far East and the Americas, we offer door to door cargo services that helps you ship more for less and delight friends and family!



Family Move / Transfer of Residence

Transfer of ResidencePersonal effects are often shipped when expatriates move home and seek a Transfer of Residence (ToR).  Relocation/ family move after a significant period of time overseas gives you the benefit of customs duty concessions for most items.

Our moving/relocation services are designed to relieve you of stress from shipping your valuables and more importantly, keeping some of those invaluable memories intact!


Air cargo, sea freight or land transport options are best discussed to ensure requirements and costs match.



Personal Car shipmentOur High Net Worth (HNW) / Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) clients opt to take their super cars with them on their travels outside the country and get them back after the business trip/ holiday.

Ship your vehicle with you!


Pet Relocation



Pets are faithful companions, our customers love and treat as family.

Safety and security of your pets is the most important priority when it comes to your family and we, along with partner airlines look into each element meticulously. 


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