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Alpha Cargo Services - Warehousing & Distribution

Lean management practices are firmly embedded in our DNA so it is only natural that clients tend to benefit from flexible warehousing and distribution solutions. 

Continuous improvement is relied on to ensure that lessons learnt facilitating warehousing and distribution are shared with key client accounts to ensure the right “partnerships” are nurtured well enough to facilitate better growth. 

Technology is accepted as the enabler by all levels of the organisation to award the firm, access to real time delivery and inventory levels which subsequently, helps clients benefit from access to the right information at the right times!

Our warehousing and distribution services include:

      *  Flexible Warehousing Solutions

      *  Real Time Inventory Management

      *  Wholesale/ Retail Distribution

Now, whether it is Just-In-Time delivery, Groupage, Sequence delivery coupled with weekly/ monthly storage of inventory for exports, share your requiremens and let’s make it happen! 


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