As a responsible logistics service provider, we look at healthcare cargo shipments – medical equipment, devices or pharmaceutical shipments as an amazing opportunity to save lives across borders.

Some members of our team still remain proud of having delivered relief cargo containing vital IV fluids to Africa in 1992. Since then, we have shipped a variety of healthcare products, medical equipment and relief cargo across various parts of the world.

More recently, the Alpha Cargo Services management has been working with major airlines, civil aviation authorities, specialist firms across Europe and the Americas besides international organisations to push for new standards that would help keep pharmaceuticals safe to mitigate any concerns arising out of pharmaceutical logistics services.

Our healthcare facilities and transport networks are designed to comply with the required healthcare quality standards and regulations.

Tailor-made, integrated supply chain solutions for 

  • Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices and diagnostics
  • Medical products and personal care
  • Hospitals and care homes

Pharmaceutical Cargo
Pharmaceutical Cargo
Pharmaceutical Cargo