Certified Air Cargo Security Screening

Get air cargo security screening done to ensure your air freight exports are flown as secure, from a known shipper!

As a GACA regulated air cargo agent, we conduct air cargo security x-ray screening in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards and regulations adopted as requirements of the Saudi National Civil Aviation Security Program in 2007.

How does it work?

Our air cargo security screening agents help determine your air cargo is safe and secure, enabling the air freight export to be Ready for Carriage from a known shipper.

Secure/ Known cargo is manifested and transported to the airport in sealed trucks. Cargo offloading at the airport is coordinated securely over the Saudi Civil Aviation Air Cargo Agent (Washaj) portal.

We manage the cargo security screening activity in-house, enabling air freight shipments to be dispatched quicker to the airport and handed over to the airlines. Smart shippers and global logistics operators opt to use our air freight screening services to ensure quicker air cargo exports from Saudi Arabia.

To enable better security for air cargo shippers, GACA launched the Air Cargo Agent (Washaj) portal service to mitigate risk from misuse of air freight shipper credentials.

Increasing security concerns, evolving regulations across the globe mandate the need for better safety and security for air freight.

In a global marketplace where illicit cross border trade persists, supply chain security has never been more critical. Air cargo is relied on to facilitate swift global trade where safety and security measures are of paramount importance. Our strict quality standards imply you can be assured air freight exports are safe, secure and will be flown per agreed carrier schedules.


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