Customs Clearance / Customs Brokerage Services

Our in-house and partner customs agents and customs brokers in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia work to secure swift customs clearance and facilitate immediate deliveries of our import and export shipments. 

Compliance to local laws and procedures is mandatory as our integrity and our customer’s reputation cannot be compromised. Relevant government declarations, agency approvals and security requirements are processed on time for air, ocean and ground import/ export to enable quick clearance and delivery after relevant customs inspections. 

Customs Brokerage Services:

*  Agency Approvals

Aside from customs duty and Value Added Tax (VAT) payments in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, compliance to local standards vis-a-vis the relevant certifications such as SASO, SFDA, MOI, CITC/TRA, MOCI from corresponding agencies are to be secured.

*  Interagency Liaison 

Certain shipments require approvals for import/ export from multiple government agencies and we appreciate it is more efficient for clients to assign the responsibility to a single point of contact. 

*  Customs Bonds 

Temporary imports to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates require a customs bond / security deposit till the shipment remains on-shore. Deposits are refundable, returned to shipper after exit from foreign soil. 

*  Shipment Customs Status – Tracking

Akin to freight status tracking over the carriers, clients appreciate the ability to track the status of their customs clearance online. 


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