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Great rates on worldwide express courier rates when you want to send personal courier or export business courier parcels from Saudi Arabia.

Individuals and commercial clients tend to send most couriers to UAE and Bahrain in the GCC, an equal mix of exports and imports occur to and from the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy in Europe besides USA, Canada and Mexico.

Personal couriers and commercial samples are commonly routed to and from China, India, Pakistan, Japan, Singapore and of course, to Egypt and Sudan in Africa.

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Request Quote

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Schedule Collection

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Track Delivery

  1. Request Courier Quote

Get the best price for your courier parcel delivery to 194 countries from Saudi Arabia.

To get an international courier rates to neighboring GCC states, APAC countries, Europe, Americas or Africa, fill in the Courier Quote Form.

The simple form asks for full collection and delivery address, commodity, weight and dimensions of the boxes you would like to ship.

  1. Schedule parcel collection

On payment for the courier, you can advise of your preferred collection date. We send across labels for all boxes and a document for you to hand over to the collection agent.

Collection will generally take place between 9 AM – 6 PM on weekdays.

  1. Track Courier Delivery

We work to courier parcel/ shipment to final destination. We do this, because we are just as excited to get your boxes across to friend/ family/ business partner.

Express Courier - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

194 Countries. Export to neighboring GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) states, Asia, Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia.

194 Countries. Import from neighboring GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) states, Asia, Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Most items that do not require any special care such as temperature control, protective packaging can be sent/ received on courier services.

Yes. You can see all details associated with your courier after it is booked.

You can choose email and sms notifications about your courier shipment.

After customs officials at destination review your shipment, you can pay the applicable duty/ taxes online/ over the phone.


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