Saudi Customs launched a data correction program on 1 Jan 2020 enabling importers to voluntarily correct their import customs data misdeclarations.

Through the data correction initiative,  importers in Saudi Arabia can now submit requests to Saudi Customs to apply for correct customs fees related to the value, origin and type of goods that were misdeclared to Saudi Customs.

Dr. Mazen Al-Zamil, Undersecretary for revenues at Saudi Customs, stated the program is aimed at promoting transparency among commercial importers and investors besides enhancing stability.

Efficiency is a key objective of this adjustment program. Corrections requested before the discovery of errors by Saudi Customs or subsequent audits on restrictions and records will lead to the payment of only the differences in the customs fees and taxes. However, if data correction requests are not applied for before any audit or errors are discovered by Saudi Customs, stakeholders will be exempted from the auto-adjustment benefits.

From 1 January 2020 for an initial six month period, import shipment data correction requests can now be requested on the Saudi Customs website.