SASO SABER Certifications 2020On 1 January 2020, imports to Saudi Arabia must adhere to newly approved Saudi Arabian Standards Organisation (SASO) technical regulations for 20 more product categories on the SABER certification platform, extending coverage on SASO’s electronic platform’s to a total of 40 product categories.

In July 2018, SASO launched the SABER platform to help local businesses secure required Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) and Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC). The Product CoC certifies that the regulated product complies with the applicable technical standards and regulations while the Shipment COC certifies all the regulated products in the shipment have a valid Product CoC.



Through the platform, the objective is to safeguard businesses and consumers alike, from fraud and allow the entry of products that satisfy approved quality standards, technical regulations and specifications to enter the local Saudi markets – whether imported/ manufactured locally.


Affiliated Entities

Saber links businesses with Saudi Customs, Saudi Standards, Meteorology and Quality Organisation – SASO, Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI) and other conformity bodies, essentially helping businesses accelerate procedures between relevant entities, and minimise time required to secure clearance from Saudi Customs.

Sr. No. Implementation Date Regulation
1 1-Jan-2019 Technical Regulation for Gas Appliances and their Accessories
2 4-Jan-2019 Gulf Technical Regulation for Children’s toys
3 Gulf Technical Regulation for low voltage Electrical Equipments and Appliances
4 Technical Regulation for Lubricating Oils
5 8-Jan-2019 Technical regulation for Paints (Pigments) and Varnishes
6 Technical Regulation for Electrical Self-Balancing Boards (Scooter)
7 12-Jan-2019 Technical Regulation for Detergents
8 15-Jun-2019 Technical Regulation for Building Materials Part 1 : The Sectors of Metals and their Alloys for Buildings and Constructions
9 Technical Regulation for Building Materials Part 2: Insulation and Cladding Materials
10 Technical Regulation for Building Materials Part 3: Hydraulic Bonding and Related Products
11 Technical Regulation for Building Materials Part 4: Bricks, Tiles, Ceramics, Sanitaryware and Related Products
12 Technical Regulation for Electrical Lifts Used in Buildings and Facilities
13 1-Aug-2019 Technical Regulation for Biodegradable Plastic Products
14 Technical Regulation for Truck Barriers
15 Technical regulation for Electrical Batteries
16 1-Nov-2019 Technical Regulation for Auto Spare Parts
17 Technical Regulation for personal protective equipment and clothing
18 1-Dec-2019 Technical Regulation for Trailers and Semi-Trailers
19 Technical Regulation for Textile Products
20 Technical Regulations for Small Scale Solar PV Systems
21 15-Jan-2020 Technical Regulation for Electrical Vehicles
22 Technical Regulation for Telecommunications Devices
23 Technical Regulation for Simple Pressure Devices
24 Technical Regulation for games and devices of Amusement Parks
25 Technical regulation for Jewelery Decorations and Accessories
26 Technical Regulation for Doors and Windows
27 Technical Regulation for Shoes and Leathers
28 Technical Regulation for Fireworks
29 Technical Regulation for Packaging
30 Technical Regulation for Building Materials Part 5 : Tubes and Pipes used in water, electricity and Gas networks
31 Technical regulation for food safety in tools and appliances used in the kitchen
32 Technical Regulation for Adhesive Materials, Tapes, Glue and Related Products
33 Technical Regulation for Fire Fighting Equipments and Materials
34 Technical Regulation for Paper and Related Products
35 Technical Regulation for Machinery Safety Part 1: Portable and Oriented Machines
36 Gulf Technical Regulation for Tyres
37 Technical Regulation for Electronic Devices Used in Electronic Smoking Systems
38 Technical Regulation for Motorcycle

Registration Costs

Currently, registration on the portal is free and the SABER certificates of conformity cost SAR 500 per certificate unless there is an equivalent SASO certificate that can be used for the product(s).

The Saber website – enlists details of relevant information and documents required to obtain the certificate of conformity besides a list of Saber authorised assessment authorities within the kingdom and across the world.

We encourage all Saudi and international clients looking to import products and materials to the Saudi markets, to ensure compliance as per the latest SABER certification requirements to enable faster clearance and not risk being fined by the competent authorities as non-compliant products will not be allowed to enter the Saudi market.

Our customs agents and brokers endeavour to enable swift customs clearance across air and sea ports across our Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates offices. Partners are always chosen after meticulous evaluation to facilitate door to door corporate shipments of all commodities.